The Importance of Mother’s tongue: CBSE online study material

Mother tongue Our very first language;  It is the language with which  a person has grown up speaking  from early  childhood Every language  is  unique  and represents a special culture. It is the language that the child learns almost without any conscious effort on his part.  The language is certainly one of the most precious assets in our lives. Since it is the very first language that a child  is  exposed  to, a child’s  psychological  and personality  development depends  on it. The expression of first feeling, happiness, fears, and first words are in the mother tongue. It plays a vital role  in  framing our thinking, emotions and spiritual  world, because  the most important stage of our life, childhood, is spent in its imprints.

Ithe field  of  education, our country deals with approximately 37  boards that catering to the regional  languages   to  suit  the  local  populace.  Students  have  the  option  o writing  the examinations in their respective mother tongues. The largest board still remains CBSE though, conducting  examinations  in  English, since the  English language  is  seen to be more progressive and aids in  students  being accepted bettein  their future endeavours. It  is  a small  wonder therefore  that  supplementary   material like  CBSE  online  study  material  are  found  in abundance for this board.

Mother tongue proves to be an effortless  and efficient  way   of  expressing.  Hence, it  is  very powerful  in  grooming  ousocial  skills  like  mutual  communication  and  exchange o ideas. Reading, expressing oneself, acquisition oknowledge and reasoning are the instruments for bringing about intellectual development; anall of these are possible only  through language, or the mother tongue of  the child.  Moreover research has shown that many skills acquired  in  the first language can be transferred to the second language. Soif the child has developed good reading skills in his first language, he/she is likelto be able to apply these skills in the other language  too.  Mother  tongue  plays  a  tremendously   useful  role  i the  educatio o a child. Education-wise,  students  who learn  a second language  and continue  to develop  their native  language would have chances of  higher academic  achievement in  later  years. Children who come to school with a solid foundation in their mother tongue develop stronger literacy abilities  in  the school  languageIt  is  through  languageand  especially through  the  mother tonguethat  individuals integrate  themselves  into  a sociaorganisation.  Besides  intellectual development  it lays  the base for  a sound emotional  development of  the individual.  A child's mother tongue would help the child to value his or her culture and heritage, which contributes to positive  self-concept.  It  gives a sense of  belonging to one. Thus, one should  be proud of  our Mother tongue and preserve it with care.