Effective Ways to Improve Your Productivity During Study

Wake up and exercise: It cannot be gainsaid that health is wealth. A student’s life is not an easy. They have to reach the school in time and thereafter attend coaching or tuitions and have the pressure of getting their homework done in time. In all such situations, it is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle. They should start to prioritize doing  exercise in the morning, not just to ensure a healthy body but also a healthy mind. Exercise will increase their productivity and efficiency during the whole day.

Breakfast: No doubt breakfast is the most important meal of the day but many of us don’t pay any heed to its significance. Due to haste or some other reasons they just skip it or grab only a bite on their way out to the school/college. But, it is essential to fuel the body with good nutrients so that it can energize our system throughout the whole day. Some of the studies also revealed that having proper & healthy breakfast improves your memory and also the concentration power. So students shouldn’t show any ignorance towards their breakfast as it also boosts metabolism and sets the tone for the whole day.

Consume water: Water is the main component of human body. Our body contains 70-75% of water. Drinking adequate amount of water plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body. An adequate amount of water in your body  helps your brain work better. Being dehydrated shrinks brain tissue, making it harder for you to think and also drains your energy. So students should keep a bottle of water on their desk as it will help them to fight stress and make help them stay hydrated and have an active mind.

Stay positive: Always have a positive attitude as positivity brings in productivity. Whatever hurdles or unpleasant situations you face during the day, the students should stay positive and try to do their best to accomplish their scheduled tasks or assigned homework. The completion of work has a positive effect on the students while missing it turns their mood off . But maintaining the positive attitude down the line has positive effects.

Use technology: Technology has become an integral part of our society. Education also can’t lag behind. No doubt the future is all about technology and the technology in the field of education is a powerful tool as it makes learning interesting, improves skills, increases collaboration and reduces stress and the weight of books. Students can use various e-learning tools, they can use apps and other tools to simplify their tasks. There are hundreds of portals providing Ncert textbook solutions for class 9 and various other classes. They should try these apps and use them to improve their productivity.

Use Social media carefully: Social media is impacting the lives of our youths in both positive & negative manner. Whether it is the office life, school life , all spheres of life are being interrupted either by phone, emails, Whatsapp, Facebook, messaging and other forms of distraction. Students should try to cut down their time devoted to the social media and lower their curiosity to know about what’s happening on social media. 


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