Life Without the Knowledge of Chemistry

Chemistry is known as central science. Chemistry is the branch which involves the study of the basic unit of matter and temperature. Chemistry plays very important role in every aspect of our lives. It has allowed other sciences to blossom and has expanded the horizon of our collective knowledge.
Without the knowledge of chemistry, we would not able to improve our lives. Chemicals are everywhere. The air that we take to breath is related to chemicals. The food that we eat is related to chemicals. Whether people know or not we always surrounded by chemicals. The whole natural world is made of chemicals, and chemistry is our study of substances which is present in nature. It is the study of the atoms, molecules, and mixtures which make up the matter in the universe, including the ways they change, combine and interact to form new ones.
The knowledge of chemistry totally changes our lifestyle. It improves the way and makes it much more comfortable.The involvement of chemistry is almost everywhere.  Particularly for the science student’s knowledge of chemistry is very important not only in terms of marks but also the in terms of its uses. The ncert study material for class 12 chemistry provides enough knowledge, study material and  helps you understand the practical uses that help the student to learn chemistry and its uses in the various fields.

"Once a person said, if you want to know the importance of anything then know the places where it has used."

Here are some places where knowledge of chemistry used:
Plastics and Artificial Products: Today, 80 million tonnes of polyethene (also called polyethene) is made every year. The role of plastic in the world is well known. It is used in almost every places of packing, food, medicine, or many others places. Everything from childhood toys to plastic bags, hats, nylon clothes and shower curtains: we're surrounded by artificial products, and production of all these things is impossible without the knowledge of chemistry.
Medicines: The most important impact of chemistry knowledge is in the world is medicines, before the discovery of medicines, human life expectancy seemed pretty static at around at 50-55 years. Now, after the discovery of medicines, the life of human expectancy has increased by 50 to 80 Years. This is really a big contribution to chemistry.
Fertilisers: Fertilisers might not be exciting, but they're almost as significant as medicines. Today the world population is 7 Billion and the feeding all of them is a quite most difficult task for any government and concern authority. If we talk only about the India the population of India is 1.252 billion. Many years ago, humans were mostly farmers. People would spend most of their time tending to crops, growing enough food for the family and possibly some extra for trade. The things that changed the life of farmers is the industrial revolution, as technology and Fertilisers came in existence it  improved the quality and the quantity of the food we grow. The work became easier and less stressful. This allowed people to produce more food for everyone.

In making technology devices:  The various devices that we use in the modern world are basically due to knowledge of chemistry. The circuit and the metal wire which is used in the device are related to chemistry. If people did not know the chemistry of metal they would not have bee able to  discover the various devices and understand its handling. 


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