Board Exam Stress and Anxiety -

Boards are round the corner. This is the time when the students should gear up their preparation and make sure that they go through the whole syllabus once and not leave everything for the D-Day.  The stress levels must be raging high. Some find it difficult to handle and often suffer from anxiety and lack of concentration. With the exam fever running high, nothing seems to help. Everyone wants to fare well in the exams. The little time in hand and the vast sea of the syllabus to cover makes the brain go haywire.  Here are some tips on how you can deal with the high-stress condition and keep anxiety at bay.

Befriend the Online material: Make the internet your comrade. No, we aren’t talking about the social networking sites or games online but the various Study resource centres available online. These have a range of solution for your problems like you can access short notes for a quick revision. For exam like CBSE many sites provide a solution to textbook exercises and even solved previous year papers. Thus, if you want to know the pattern of question you can access the solution of last year 10 class science paper 2016 for revision and practice.

Notes: Notes are the best way to learn, they even come in handy during revision when the time is less and you have to cover a good amount of your course. Some students have the habit of making notes, so they just need to go through the course material and add the left out points. If you are one of those who is habituated to preparing notes then pull up your socks and start preparing them. Jot down the important points, highlight the crucial ones. These will help you in the long run.

Take a break : You must have prepared or planned a routine for the preparation. Most of us have the misconception that we need to engross ourselves into books and only books. But this should not be the case, your brain needs time to relax. So make sure that your study time is well-spaced with breaks in between. After all - All work and no play make jack a dull boy.

Healthy diet: Your body and brain need a well-balanced diet to work efficiently. You should include pulses, whole grains and adequate water in your diet chart. An empty stomach may increase your stress levels. Make sure that you stay nourished and well hydrated.


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