Get Ready For Exam

Exams are nearby! For most of the students, these exams will determine their future and whether they are accepted into the college of their choice not. Regardless of your preparation, exam stress can turn even the most organised and prepared student into a panic mode. Here are some tips for preparing and studying to get through those exams with flying colours!

Kick start - You may look at the syllabus and wonder how on earth will you manage to remember everything. The trick is - the sooner you start the better! Make a note of when your exams are and start preparing in advance. Setting aside two hours a day will give you enough space and time to prepare well. You will be exam ready and more confident.

Managing time - Time management is a tricky thing to master and it becomes vital to success when you are preparing for an exam. Try to take a few hours out of your day which you might usually spend watching TV or socialising, and devote that time of the day. Studies have shown that we are able to concentrate properly for about 40- 45 minutes at a time. Manage your time accordingly and take 5 or 10-minute breaks in between each session. Remember that it is important that you study in a manner so that you understand the material and not just rote learn it.

Study technique – One size does not fit all, the same is with studies. Not everyone can study the same way and achieve results. Try to understand what works best for you.  Pictures and flash cards to help you remember things, notes can help you with your revision. Do you need quiet and zero distractions or you like to put in the earphones and then study? Make sure you know what study techniques suits you the best and optimise your study times accordingly. Use colourful pens and pictures, read your notes aloud to, highlight important terms, make flash cards and mnemonics for better learning. Test yourself regularly by solving ISC previous year papers.

Positive attitude - Being positive help your to achieve success. It helps you to manage your stress efficiently. By thinking positive thoughts about your exams and your marks you can change your perception about exams and the way you deal with it.

D-DAY – When the day finally arrives and you have put in all the hard work and effort. Make sure that you wake up on time so that you can have breakfast and do not have to rush.  You should check if you have all the necessary stationary before you leave the house. Once you are in the examination hall make sure yourself comfortable and try not to stress yourself. Go through the question paper make sure that you have read every question carefully. Answer the questions carefully putting in the correct question number in the answers. Revise your answers if you can. 


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