Importance of Exam

It is our common assumption that exams are limited to the school level only, but, we are wrong. It is present in every phase of life. Some of us take the things lightly or are too afraid to face them while some of us take it as a challenge because we know that this is just a part of testing your knowledge.
We all know about our capabilities and the real knowledge quotient. We need not prove it in front of anybody. Once a great entrepreneur Rahul Kumar said – ‘Don’t boast about your knowledge in front of anyone, let it speak for itself. 

Taking an example, of a very early stage of life that is the school life. Every student wants to top in the class and get good grades. The school time is just a kind of war for good grades amongst the classmates. Every student tries hard to compete with each other and test their knowledge.
So, the exam is a just a way of testing knowledge. The exam is kind of platform which allows the student to figure out who is the best among them.

Here some advantages of exams:

Create the mindset of competition: Exams create competition among the students. It pushes them to acquire more knowledge and information. Exams push the students to give their best result. Exams are the first step of life which teaches the student that no matter what age you are, you have to face competition at every stage of life. Competition is one of the most valuable things in this world. If competition is not there then the world is not run successfully.

Scholarship: In India or in many other countries, the Government of the country provides a free scholarship in education and technical training. The whole process is based on the exam. An  exam like that is conducted at a broad level and student who has enough knowledge cracks the exam and gets a scholarship in the respective field. Many Prestigious institutes also conduct exam for the higher education. At school level in India, CBSE board provide a free scholarship to a student who had topped in the cbse 2017 board exam paper class 12.

Exam builds personality and confidence. Knowledge helps in scoring good grades. Along with grades it also helps in the development of personality and confidence. A student is more confident when he or she clears any exam. Clarifying exam motivates the student and builds confidence level. When a school student attempts the exams, they are free from the anxiety of exams and deal with it with confidence. 

Exam improves time management skills: We all know that in exams students have limited time. Student tries to master that limited time available, to score well. H/she manage exam time according to their priorities.  Fixing a set a time is just to teach a student, how to manage your time when you are doing something important.

Test your knowledge: Exams are the right way to tell the students, how much knowledge they have of the respective subjects. It motivates the students to work hard and learn better.  Exams are all about the representation and who have the ability to represent the content they learned to score more in the exam. Thus exam teaches the student to represent the quality and the product that they have in a better way. 


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