The Churning of Education

The class is one of the finest places for every student in school as it is here that the best of the brain develop. In class, everyone speaks freely without any fear. Another characteristic feature of the class is the classmates. Most of the student had same classmates throughout the school. They are the one who helps a student who helps in good deed and bad deed. During the exam, various sort of exams paper is discussed such as last year question paper of geography 2015 when every student come out with his or her own answer.

Discussing last year question paper is always important for the students as well as the teachers. It is during these discussions that best answer to the questions come forth. The Previous year board question paper class 12of geography , which the students get from the shops is turning out to be a boon to the students. This paper has all the questions as well as the solutions with them. The other things about these papers are that they expensive and are normally out of reach of the poor students.

The bookstalls of the town avoid the books or papers, which has got lesser sales as it affects their turnover. The online education trend that has set in and has changed the learning process. It is free of cost and is available all the time to anyone without any barrier. There are many online portals offering free education to the student through their easy mode. These online sites are also digitizing the education. In the modern where every individual is equipped with smartphones, it becomes even easier to learn.

The government of many states has launched many schemes to make education affordable. Education is very important for the empowerment of human being. Everyone respects a man with an education. There are many government-aided schools in the country providing education free of coast education to the children. But the initiative of the government is not bearing fruit to some to the maladministration. The issue of corruption is the determining factor in every important initiative. The government should deal the issue of corruption severely as it hampers the spread of education in the country. Every school in India are affected by it. The private schools are lesser affected than the schools run by the government. Most of the schools in India are in poor condition due to inefficient school authority. The teachers are also equally responsible for this. Nowadays teaching has become a business, which promises an overwhelming return. The students are seen merely as a product rather than a human that has to be groomed. The government should come with laws that make the teachers accountable for the result brought by the student in schools.

The best form of education can be churned when everyone involved in the propagation of education is made accountable. It should be cherished as a passion rather than being carried  as Business, as it the best form of service to the nation and society.