6 Unbelievable things you never knew about ONLINE EDUCATION

Online learning has been in the limelight since its inception in 1986. In 1986, the first online degree program from an accredited institution was offered by John F Kennedy University in Orinda, California. The growth of online learning platforms has been exponential since then. Online education can turn out to be either a cure-all or cancer, depending on the stuff that you are reading.
Here we come up with facts that you never knew about online education.

1.       Online Education is here to stay: With the increasing number of aspirants applying for higher education programs, E-learning will be having a long stay across the globe. In the late 80s, Open University began using an internet-based conferencing system as a learning tool. The journey continued hereafter. As a means of distributing the academic contents, internet have been used by Schools and Colleges.

2.       Outreaching the poor: With a shortage of quality teachers in rural areas and financial constraints among the families, online learning brings in free access to education across. A sigh of relief for those who thought of paying heavy prices to get educated. There are ample of websites providing free education. The main thrust of E-learning also includes providing free education to disadvantaged people worldwide who do not have the privileges to go to university.

3.       E-learning yet to find its niche: Comparison between traditional classroom learning and online learning never had subsided. When some argue that internet works best as a subsidiary to traditional learning while, others trump it with the fact that online learning can never be in par with classroom learning. Depreciators continue by arguing that there is no place for online learning in mainstream education. They do not realize the fact that online learning has come much more in vogue with the introduction of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs’).

4.       E-learning comes in various shapes and sizes: A bank of free video-lectures given by charismatic and expert academic enthusiasts to free academic downloadable contents is available online. Various online education portals provide CBSE online study material class 10 and biology cbse board paper 2014 solution.

5.       Considerable savings: Financial saving is where we find the real difference. A considerable amount of monetary saving is done via the online learning concept. Those studying online can study sitting anywhere in the world, hence no commuting costs. Not going to Schools also includes no childcare costs and income saving from the need to study on campus full time.

6.       E-learning becomes the norm soon: Millions of people in India and overseas have signed up to hundreds of apps, lectures, and test series. With every right answer or the wrong ones being documented, learning analytics will give a deeper insight in understanding the scenario of Education as a whole. 


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