Future of Education And Technology

Future is uncertain, still predictable. Worldwide, education sector is undergoing reformation. And, India is not lagging behind. Implementation of various policies in the education front at a fast pace will ensure a change in the education scenario of the country. Beginning with the primary education system, various steps are being carried out by the government to universalize the elementary education in the country. Non- governmental organizations have also come forward to join the revolution. Significant changes have taken place at the higher education level system. Scientific and technological developments have been internationally acclaimed. Various programmes and schemes like ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ is an initiative to include all sections of the population into Indian Education system.

Further in order to boost the education system, government is promulgating new system of e-teaching and smart classes in schools. New techniques of teaching include rhyme base, ppt base and practical’s and so on. In the early days, e-learning received a bad press as they mistook it as removing that human element which many learners need. But, as time progressed and technology evolved students have started embracing smart classes. For a sect of students, other academic contents cannot replace CBSE curriculum. Online cbse study material class 8 created by subject matter experts can be availed at any hour of the time on the internet. One can learn at the speed of your need.

Globally, education is heavily determined by university academics. It places undue emphasis on far less interest of students, especially to low achievers. It is elitist to insist that every high school graduate struggle with the intricacies of Shakespeare when s/he can’t decipher, try to make sense of 3-D geometrical models or even balancing a chemical equation when they lack knowledge or inspiration to live healthily. The curriculum must be reinvented to focus on what is most important. That includes practical reading, critical and scientific thinking, mathematical reasoning, citizenship, financial literacy, conflict resolution skills, physical and mental health.

After all, the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.  Today, in the world of technology, we introduced e learning. We invent e-learning module to save time and give liberty to the student to learn anytime from anywhere. e- Learning process help a lot to the student to learn things, we agree that there's a lot of potential for technological supplementation of the education process. But, still, it does not full fill the position and necessity of human teachers. Like, there is a number of e-learning platform that provides free cbse study material for class 9th but they machine does not explain each and every fact that a human teacher would explain to students.


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