Middle School Study Material

Parents are the first most important teacher in a child’s life. For the success of the students in school and in life, parents and families need to be fiercely involved in their learning. It is very necessary that all parents build and keep strong ties to their learning process.  It has been observed that when families are involved constructively in the learning process of a child, the children do better in academics and seem to inculcate in themselves, a sense to make learning a joy.

Our country’s education system ensures that the middle school curriculum encourage students to explore, research, investigate, encounter, collaborate and lead essential values. The study material recommended by the counsel in the middle school helps students to participate in various quiz and competition that are conducted  at school levels and at national levels, because such peer to peer and peer to mentor interaction helps in overall development of a student. The role of parents and the teachers are important and cannot be undermined.

Here are the some tips that helps children to do well in middle school.

Encourage child to read: - Reading is key to lifelong learning. Creating a learning habit for the child is one of the most significant thing that can help a child sail through school. The importance of learning simply can’t be overstated. Good reading skills helps students in all school subjects as well as other extra-curricular activities. Make sure that your home has lots of reading material that are appropriate for your child.

Have a special place for child to study: A study place does not have to be fancy. A desk in his/her bedroom may suffice; for many the terrace of a home, or a fairly quiet corner, helps in their learning. Providing a place of their own choice and giving all the resources that they need, helps children to do better in their middle school.

Develop a Study Plan: Fixing a regular time for homework helps students finish assignments timely. Children need to know when a test will take place, the types of questions that will be included and the topics that will be covered. Create a study plan and allow ample time to prepare it is not a good idea cramming the night before an exam. The study material and the NCERT solution textbooks solutions of class8 provided through authentic sources help well in preparing the test and exams. You can also help by buying a wall calendar and asking him or her to assign topics and tasks for each day leading up to a due date or exam. Setting goals for each session is also key to success.

Communicate with your child: Talking and listening play a vital role in a child’s learning process.  Have daily conversations with your child about what’s happening at school, ask them about the assembly or a field trip that they had. Whenever you watch TV together, talk with him/her about the programs. In case you are watching his/her favorite programs, encourage them to tell you about the programs and the characters, which ones they like and dislike etc. Mention your favorite programs that you liked when you were his/her age. Every child has the power to succeed in school and in life, provided consistent, encouraging words and actions are there to motivate the child.


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