Healthy Study Drinks

Eating a meal enriched with protein will make you stay alert, active and focused. Just like healthy eating habits boost up your exam performance, drinks that you intake also play a vital role. The drinks that you consume will keep one hydrated and energized at this hour.  Here we enlist a few beverages that you should keep in handy or have the most while the studying or solving the  previous year exam for Neet 2016.

1.       Good old H2O: Water never goes out of fashion when it comes to keeping one hydrated. One of the best beverages to consume when studying and to keep your droopy eyelids wide open is water. Being dehydrated leads to fatigue and you just tire out. Some of the benefits of drinking water are maintaining your balance of bodily fluids, help in controlling calories, energize muscles, keeps your skin glowing and many more. Let the water bottles accompany you in the exam hall. Sip in water frequently during your exams.

2.       Green tea: The flavor of green tea might not go down well with everyone but trust. Green tea makes you smarter. The very small amount of caffeine in green tea creates a different type of stimulant than the heavy laden caffeinated drinks. With no added sugar present, it increases metabolism. Green tea being an antioxidant boosts health and flushes out toxic substances that have invaded the body making you lethargic.

3.       Fruits and vegetable juices: Juices extracted from fruits naturally can help your memory and a source of energy for studying. The high-glycemic contents in fruit juices enter your bloodstream shortly and quickly after you drink it thus boosting up your energy. Having packaged fruit juices might not be a wise decision as it contains added sugar, multiplying the level of fatigue.

4.       Milk: Milk which is rich in acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter excites your neurons and helps in improving your memory. Added to this the health benefits of a glass of milk are prevention from major chronic ailments, a source of calcium, vitamins A and B and rehydration, to name a few. Have a glass of milk every day before you hit the hay as milk is known to be sleep inducing. A good sleep will ensure you waking up with a sound body and mind gearing up you for an all-new energetic day.

5.       Caffeinated drinks: While consuming a small amount of coffee is not too harmful, drinking a ton of it can prove to be lethal. Drinking three or more cups of coffee a day can lead to a physical addictiveness to this substance which is not appreciable. Though caffeine may provide a quick boost of energy and elevate your mood, it may cause anxiety and you might just crash up. So, one needs to take extra precautions when having a dose of caffeine during exam hours. 


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