Importance of Education

Alan Bloom once said, “Education is the movement from darkness to light”. When looked beyond its conventional boundaries, education forms the essence of the deeds or actions of all people. Most people feel that education is a necessity and it is used as a tool for reaching a specific target.
Just like food is necessary for the health of everyone’s body, education develops the personality of people, provides physical and mental standards and in many ways transforms the living status of people. In order to distinguish between right and wrong things, a person should be educated. One of the primary initiatives of the society should be to educate people. A kid grows towards success and wisdom if given adequate education to him. Education is the helpline and baseline for a person to survive in the society.

An educated person has the wisdom and intelligence to distinguish between right and wrong deeds. The right education makes a person intellectually strong and enables us to impart knowledge to the coming generation. Education boosts the confidence of a person and helps in building the personality of an individual.

School Education lays the cornerstone in everyone’s life. The education scheme is divided into three divisions – primary education, secondary education, and higher secondary education. All categories have their own importance and benefits. Primary education is the foundation, where you learn about the basic etiquettes required in life like sharing, being disciplined. A person needs more than elementary education to sharpen his skills. Thus, secondary education prepares you for higher education. Secondary school is important because this is the stage where students become computer literate and interface with the technology of the modern world. Higher secondary education prepares the ultimate path of the future and paves a way to prepare us for the whole life.

The world is competitive and education is a necessity to keep our feet firm in this world. Education plays a paramount role in the modern technological world. There are many ways to enhance the education level. With MOOC being the latest trend, the scenario of education has changed in many ways. Education has become cheaper and parents with less monthly income can now afford to educate their kids using the education mode. Admissions in renowned and prestigious universities are now possible with fewer fees through distant learning.

Men and women together make a healthy and educated society. Hence, it is important to for both men and women to be equally educated. When a girl child is uneducated, she is more vulnerable to trafficking, according to the United Nations Inter-agency Project on human Trafficking. The success of women largely determines the sustainability and progress of all regions. As responsible citizens of the country, everyone should strive for a better future and development of the country.

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