The Significance of Planned Studies

With Board exams just few days away, most of the students must be pulling their socks up as there is so much to prepare and a little time is left. They must be revising the hard topics and must be referring to reference material in hard copy or logging into various websites providing CBSE online study material. But, in most of the cases the extent of perseverance doesn’t pay appropriately.

Your diligence fails to earn you the expected result due to the lack of careful planning.
Planning is a process which involves the determination of complete course of action and its outcomes, i.e. why an action, how to take an action, and when to take action are main subjects of planning.
Planning is the first step in the process of Board Exam Preparations. In the absence of planning, all the hard work becomes meaningless due to the inability of tracking those things that have already been executed.

Let’s go through the importance of planning in brief:

·        Planning provides direction - If you have a plan, you get a direction and all your efforts become focused towards a particular end. A carefully planned method of exam preparation gives you a path to be followed. Clearly, it becomes very easy to track things that are left to be done.

·        Planning helps in achieving objectives – Planning has a very significant role in deciding objectives. If there is an absence of objectives in your exam preparation process, it gets disabled. For setting objectives, you definitely need to have a plan.

·        Planning reduces risks of uncertainty – Planning your tasks helps you to anticipate the possible outcomes. So, you plan your tasks in the best possible way to minimize the uncertainties. When you have a suitable study plan for preparing difficult subjects, you obviously find out ways to deal with the difficult topics. This helps in overcoming your doubts regarding the preparation and instills you with confidence.

·     Planning Reduces Overlapping and Wasteful Activities: Having a plan helps you to do away with the disordered execution of plans. It makes you more efficient by saving you from spending your time in wasteful activities or overlapping in preparation (spending time on the same subject or topic again and again unnecessarily). 

·     Planning boosts the competitive spirit: A good study plan generates awareness about the requirement of the addition of study material or changes in the methods of preparation and a better identification of the ways to prepare for the areas that require more attention. It enables you to perform better in the subject and boosts the spirit of competency in you.

Board exams are probably the first challenge you will face among the many other challenges that will be thrown at you later in life. It gives you a chance to prove that you’re ready to face every challenge that you would come across. So, plan your studies smartly and ensure you give the required amount of time to each subject based on your proficiency and the vastness of the syllabus.