Top 5 ways to Get Good Grades in Maths

Mathematics is a top-scoring subject. You can score a perfect 100 if you work on the subject a bit. Befriending the subject can give a boost to the overall grades too. All you need to do is follow these five points and we are sure you will pass the exams with flying colours.

1. NCERT books – Go through the syllabus and try to cover the entire syllabus. Make sure that you understand and know all the concept, theorems, and are able to solve all the problems given in your NCERT textbook. NCERT books are published according to the latest CBSE syllabus and usually the questions are from the content in the book itself. So, work hard on solving each and every question given in the textbook even the ones given as examples.  Make sure that you are done with the book before jumping to some other reference material.

2. Reference books – Once when you are done with the completion of the textbook. You can switch to some good reference books. You can ask your teacher for some good reference book.  The reference books help you gain expertise on the content. You come across different types of questions in these books, they even make you aware of the alternative methods used for the questions. So, if you cannot understand one method you can master the other. Solving the vast number of questions for a particular topic fortifies the concept. You should keep in mind that the reference books have extra content which is not included in your syllabus, so make it a point that you stick to the syllabus. Going overboard and solving everything will prove to be a waste of time.

3. Practice – Mathematics is a subject which needs practice. The more you practice the better you become at it. Make it a point that you solve at least 5-10 different types of problems/question for a particular topic. Recapitulate the content after some days, so that you do not forget the procedure or the formulae during your board exam. Board examinations have a great significance in a student’s education as the marks scored is often set as the benchmark for getting into renowned institutions, availing scholarships or selection of different streams. For any student appearing for the board examination, solving at least previous five year papers of math class 10 is recommended.

4. Use the OERs – The Open Educational Resources have made studies fun and easy. There are many different websites which provide solutions and notes for CBSE from class 8 to 12. They are available 24*7 and are free. They can prove very useful as they provide solutions for the NCERT books. Some even provide extra notes and additional questions for practice. You can take the help of the OERs which provide math ncert solution class 12 if you want to prepare better for the board exams. They even provide solved papers for the previous years.

5. Practice papers – Solve the question papers for the previous 5 years. Set a timer and solve the paper just like you would do in an exam. This will help you increase your speed, accuracy, and confidence. You will get habituated to exams and thus your anxiety level during the exams will be less. Besides solving the previous year paper you can practice the mock tests also.