Important of Reference Book

Board exams are the most dreaded ones. Every student wants to get good marks. With the vast course and changing pattern it is very important to be well versed with the syllabus. Now the question arises - Whether the NCERT books are enough for covering the whole syllabus and getting good marks, or do the students need some other reference books?  CBSE prescribes the NCERT books and thus they are of supreme importance.  But, besides NCERT books there are other books which can be referred, to have a better understanding of concepts covered. Each subject plays an important role, thus there are different books catering to each subject. So here is a list of the reference books which can help to brush up your knowledge and concepts.

For Mathematics
For mathematics the most famous and popular reference book is   Part 1 and Part 2 by R D Sharma. It covers a wide range of   important problems apart from solved examples giving you a better understanding of the concept. Moreover the range of questions helps you to gain expertise over the subjects.

For English
After you are well acquainted with the NCERT textbooks for English; Flamingo and Vistas, you can refer to books like Together with and golden guide.  These give you a summary of the chapters and poems. Moreover you can refer to the online sites which provide additional questions for the chapters to help you better understand the course.

For Science
Besides the NCERT books and the study material for class 9 CBSE for science, books like HC Verma for physics; Chemistry Science For Class - X Lakhmir Singh for Chemistry, Biology: Science For Class – 10- by Lakhmir Singh - are good reference books. Other than these you can refer to Together with guide for Science.  These books will help you clear you concepts.

For Social Science
Together with, golden guide and evergreen guide for SST can make a good reference book for social sciences. These books help you clear your concept and also give you additional information.

For Hindi
Together with and full marks guide can be referred for Hindi subject.

But before you switch to the reference books make sure that you are well versed with the NCERT textbooks. For a better understanding of NCERT, you can study NCERT study material class 10 and then refer to the other reference books. Your understanding of the NCERT books should be clear before you refer to the other books.


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