Unlock The NCERT Textbook

The world is exploding with information overload as it is. We have too much disparate content today that if devoid of the structure becomes difficult for the human mind to comprehend. The education world is no exception. It is evolving at a rapid pace and creating a sense of chaos. It is the age of disruptions, so it is only a matter of time that education, as we know it, also gets disrupted sooner or later.

As a student, apart from the lectures in school and the curriculum books that one is supposed to study, there’re additional aids that are provided to students in the form of websites, tuition centers et al. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the student to distill all the information and make sense of the whole pandemonium. Today, the disparate nature of education stems from the fact that resources are in abundance, although it may not available to all, depending on the socio-economic status or geographic considerations.

What is required today is a structured approach to learning. Studies have shown that learning actually follows what the constructivism theory seems to postulate. Worldwide the education trend is changing. Lectures are leaping outside of institutions/ classrooms. The instructional mode is changing from classroom lectures to videos or hangout sessions.  Today if someone desires to have a structured learning session; one is not constrained ongoing physically to an institution and attending a course on it. It can be done at one’s pace, at one’s own time.  With a plethora of things to learn from, be it books, observation, instructional, videos etc., one needs to have their basics crystal clear. Students’ needs to be well versed with the course books like NCERT and their exercises to do well in their exams.  We have many websites today that provide ncert physics xi textbook solutions explained step-by-step But they charge the consumer for providing content. Websites have weaved in some up or the other with some providing assessment functionalities while others provide counselling. But, what is important is that how much of it is actually benefiting the student in its true sense.

Thus the students have to figure out what is relevant and whether the websites are actually providing a solution to their problems or not.


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