Time to Boost yourself- Get Ready For JEE Main Exam 2018

Slow and steady wins the race, this is the famous phrase which always teaches a big lesson to us. 
slowly and continuous efforts always give a good result. 

The phase is best applied to those Students who are preparing for a competitive exam such as NEET, JEE main or any other exam.

To qualify the exam students needs to study throughout the year. The best approach to study is solving concept base questions.

There are many reference books which are available in the market for the preparation of JEE main Exam 2018.

Here are 5 Tips to score Good Rank In JEE main 2018 exam.

Plan Your Schedule: students always confuse and couldn't schedule their time. Now, it is time to set an agenda for the preparation of the JEE Main. You must give extra time to deal with those difficult lessons which scare you. Prepare a timetable to set a priority. Target difficult chapters first and make them strong ones.

Make Notes: The best way to memorise the important formula and concept is to create notes and pin it on your notice board. Writing notes or drawing a flow charts consolidates in your memory.

Solve previous year Questions papers: This is very old and effective technique which always boost your confidence. By solving Last year questions papers, a candidate will able to understand the type of questions to be expected in the JEE main 2018 exam and thus prepare accordingly.

Solve Mock Test: There are many websites which provide a free mock test for your exam. Solving mock papers helps you to get used to the format of the questions, and spend the right amount of time on each section. 

Believe in yourself: " I can do it, Nobody can stop me, GOD is with me." Repeat these line once in a day. The thing which is most of important than above points is Believe. None of the technique would help you if you are not believing in yourself. Push yourself harder daily and have faith on you.