Challenges we face during exam preparation

There are allots of challenges you may face while preparing for exams But Nobody talks about student life problems. In exam time we should focus on exam preparation but there is allot of thing available to distract us from focusing exam. This article we are discussing some challenges we face in exam preparation. here you can get cbse solutions class 12 physics
1. Internet
Now a day’s Internet has the biggest advantage for us but there is also a big disadvantage for students. There is allots of material you find on the internet but mostly student uses Facebook, YouTube or different stuff.
2. Revising but not practising
Revising is essential, Doing past papers for each subject or topic you’re covering is a great way to test how much you have retained and will highlight any gaps in your knowledge. You can find last year class 12 solved papers on websites or on sites such as Get Revising.
3. Planning
Planning is most important part of the exam. We have limited time for exam preparation so you’ve got your revision organised around your social life but first, you need to read all the book for the exam preparation, so check the syllabus. You can get a copy from the exam board’s website or website and work through it. Tick off everything on the list and you won’t miss a thing. 
4. Not leaving enough time
Start well in advance of your exams. Every student wants to prepare before the exam but there are allots of things available in our life which distract us but there’s nothing worse than the panic and stress of last minute exam preparation. If you start weeks in advance you’ll get a good pace and you can go to teachers for help on any topics you’re stuck with. Start your preparation early and keep a good revision for the exam.
5. Losing track of what you’ve covered
Timetables and study planners can work for everyone. Keep track of your revision whether in Excel, on your Get Revising study planner, or just in a notepad. You will be able to see what you’ve covered, how long you’ve spent on one subject compared to another, and where you need to spend more time.
6. No motivation
Why are you doing all this revision? Paste a picture on your wall of your dream college or university, job, lifestyle, reward – whatever it is you want at the end of all this swotting and keep your goal in sight to help you keep your eye on the bigger picture. 
7. Use your Distractions as a Reward
A common problem for many students is being distracted easily when attempting study. Your brain can only take in one thing at a time. Your attention can flick from one thing to another very easily and when you will do two task at a single time, it can be frustrating how these distractions take over.